Can Electric Adjustable Bed Relieve the Pain?


If you’re wondering of electric adjustable beds can provide any health benefits at all, then read this article now.

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Discover if Electric Adjustable Beds Actually Provide any Health Benefits or Not

Every person needs a good and restful sleep. In the end, we spend one third of our lives in bed. So wouldn’t it be wise to make sure that we get a comfortable sleep during the night?

Of course it would.

But you’d be amazed if you knew how many people are sleeping on uncomfortable beds and still do not do anything about it. They complain about various aches they have in the morning and still sleep on regular, many times old, flat beds and mattresses.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When there are so many adjustable beds of all shapes and sizes on the market out there, it’s definitely not worth keeping your old bed and continue to worsen your health. Don’t you agree?

Sure, but here comes a question: Can electric adjustable beds actually deliver what they promise?”

We have heard many stories about adjustable beds. Many people say that electric adjustable beds have significantly reduced the back or neck-pain that they had. Some say they do not feel any swollen legs or feet anymore.

Let’s see if electric beds can actually help you.

Health Benefits of Electric Adjustable Beds

When sleeping on flat beds, your body is in tension. Our bodies are not flat, they’re curved. So when your body sleeps on flat bed, it feels discomfort, because it can’t normally adjust to the bed.

So how adjustable beds are different?

First of all, adjustable beds can be adjusted. You can increase the incline angle of electric adjustable bed right under the head. So your neck will be in more appropriate position. Second, if you pick quality mattress, like memory foam mattress, your body won’t even need to adjust to the bed. Memory foam mattress will automatically adjust to your body. So you won’t feel any discomfort and your body will lie in more natural position.

This can significantly reduce back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension, pelvic aches.

Blood Circulation and Asthma Problems

Many people complain about swollen legs and feet. When they get back from hard working day and lie in bed, the tension isn’t gone away. So in the morning they feel various aches and find it hard to get up and walk.

Electric adjustable beds might help people in this situation too.

First of all, if you slightly elevate the part of adjustable bed under legs, your blood circulation will increase. Second, if you choose memory foam mattress, you’ll also increase the circulation, because memory foam mattress reduces pressure points that you get when sleeping on regular (flat) beds.

It can increase circulation, reduce leg and feet swelling, reduce back pain and breathing difficulties for asthma patients.

Also, if you slightly incline the angle of your upper body, you make your breathing much easier. Asthma patients reported that when sleeping with their upper body part elevated, they feel less discomfort and experience easier breathing.


There are actually more health benefits reported that electric adjustable beds are able to provide.

If you can’t get a relaxing night’s sleep, feel discomfort in your feet or legs, have difficulties breathing, feel neck or backaches in the morning, then a quality electric adjustable bed is what you really need. These health benefits that adjustable beds provide are not myths. These are facts that many patients have reported.

If you want a really comfortable sleep, then don’t think any further than good electric adjustable bed. Don’t save your money at the expense of your health. Spend a thousand or few on a quality adjustable bed that will give you a comfortable sleep and much less discomfort than your regular flat bed.