Hideaway Beds – Have You Considered A Fu-Chest?


When you live in a small space such as an apartment or suite, every bit of living space counts. We’re seeing new, creative storage solutions in the marketplace and the Fu-Chest is one of the most creative and elegant solutions I’ve seen in some time.

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What is a Fu-Chest? It’s a full length bed that folds and stores itself into what looks like an elegant chest of drawers. It’s a hideaway bed for the decor conscious! When the bed is stored away you see a chest of drawers, but it’s actually a faux chest containing your hideaway bed.

This innovative “hideaway bed” pulls out neatly to rest on a raised wooden platform. The sleep experience is comfortable with the mattress being fairly thick and cozy. The sturdy platform is a great feature to keep your guests off the floor. This gives them a more comfortable sleep time, just what every host or hostess strives for.

The Fu-Chest mattress is a B-fold innerspring mattress, or you can purchase a specially designed futon mattress that will work just as well and it’s normally available at a lower price.

Designs of the faux chest include both contemporary and traditional pieces with handsome hardware in both light wood pieces and darker wood. There surely is a good match available for your current decor. If you’d like something that also provides some storage space, look for designs that include a usable storage drawer. When not in use, the top shelf can also be used to display collectibles or books, whatever you like.

I find the Fu-Chest is a terrific option for those who wish to offer their guests a cozy bed to sleep on, but don’t have the space for a permanent guest bed. It keeps guests off the floor and on a comfy mattress. If you have space concerns yet need something for guests to sleep on, consider a Fu-Chest. I find it to be a worthwhile investment for those who need a guest bed but don’t have the space for one.

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