London builders: bathroom microclimate and placement. Part two.


A suspended ceiling is very functional in the bathroom. Good looking, it can hide electric wiring, ventilation pipes, and etc. A suspended ceiling can be of different types: metal or moisture-resistant gypsum-plaster.

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A suspended ceiling is very functional in the new bathroom. Good looking, it can hide electric wiring, ventilation pipes, and etc. A suspended ceiling can be of different types: metal or moisture-resistant gypsum-plaster.

For the ceiling area increase, suspended ceiling boards should be mounted perpendicularly (a 90-grade angle) to the long wall or diagonally. For creation of the effect of a high ceiling, mirror boards or white mat boards with mirror fillets between them are used.

A moisture-resistant gypsum-plaster ceiling can be made multilevel one of any shape: semicircle, diamond-shaped, oval, circle, zigzag lines with decorative cornice, into which daylight lamps can be installed. Spotlights can also be installed in the gypsum-plaster ceiling.

Let’s turn to the lighting now. A new bathroom should be lit brightly. Bright light arises bright feelings, feelings of protectiveness and joy. A simple wall lamp creates a lot of unnecessary shadows, that is why it is better to replace it with spotlights, built into the suspended ceiling. There exist spotlights of various shapes and colors, with halogen bulbs and incandescent lamps. You should choose the type of light you need before making a renovation of your bathroom. Halogen bulbs produce sharp directed ray of light. If you need to highlight some place in your bathroom, it is reasonable to use a rotary lamp with halogen bulbs. You can get softer light out of halogen bulbs with the help of glass diffuser, preset in the shape of the lamp. Incandescent lamps produce more uniformly diffused, soft and bright light. For a bathroom lighting mirror with the built-in lamps will also fit.

The best location for the mirror is above the bathroom sink. The distance between the bottom of a mirror and the top of a sink should be about 15cm; this will help to avoid splashing. In addition, mirror is the best and indispensable material for expansion of bathroom space. Today there exist a variety of mirror types, however, the most optimal and functional of them is the mirror with lamps and shelves for various toilet articles.

It is possible to add variety to the new bathroom with the help of differently shaped niches, as well as decorative glass blocks. It is also advisable to decorate the bathroom walls and floor with flowers in the pots, taking into account, that for some species of plants such microclimate is perfect for constant growth and blossoming.

While making bathroom renovation one should pay attention to the following main stages.

The bathroom floor. The most important and difficult subject of the bathroom renovation is the floor damp proofing. Tiny cracks can lead to a damp proofing malfunction, which will result in leakage and fights with neighbors.

Pipe run. It is important to carry out pipe and new bathroom equipment assembly in a quality manner, in order to avoid leakage.

Making a plan of bathroom renovation, don’t forget about ventilation. If the bathroom has poor ventilation, condensate will appear on the walls and ceiling, mould will appear as a result of it, and the whole bathroom renovation will come to nothing.

Bathroom renovation and decoration give place to unbounded flow of fantasy. You can achieve any effect, necessary exactly for you!